Music Submission Policy

Here a Pride FM we take well “Pride” in playing a wide range of music that everyone can enjoy. If you are an artist (LGBTQ or Straight) we want to hear from you. Simply email a little about you, your contact info for radio interviews, and a link to your song. Please remember songs must bee edited and suitable for radio air play. Check out the rules below.

Submission Rules:

  1. All music must be professionally edited and produced (please do not record through a computer mic and expect us to air it)
  2. All artist must be available to do a radio interview if requested by the station
  3. Remember we are a LGBTQ radio station so please keep it LGBTQ friendly
  4. Do not organize a call in request to get your song to play more
  5. Post a link on your website or social media pages to link to
  6. All music must be edited with no curse words (for a list of words you may not use click here)
  7. Station reserves the right at any time to refuse your music from airing)
  8. Station will not edit your music for air it will simply be deleted